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  • Anne Spears

Disney Dining Plans Are Coming Back!

We have visited several times post Covid and I can say that we definitely miss the Disney Dining Plan! Typically, we always booked the standard plan that previously priced at $78.01 for adults and $30.51 for children 3-9. This mid-priced plan included one resort refillable mug per person, two snacks, one counter service meal, and one table service meal per person, per night of your stay. The meals also included one non-alcoholic beverage, or for guests over 21, the choice of an alcoholic beverage was also included! If Dad needs a beer with his burger-go ahead, it's included! The quick service plan included two snacks and two quick service meals and the deluxe plan (my favorite) included two snacks and three table service meals. This was a great way to enjoy either a few signature restaurants or one of the dinner shows which were typically two table service credits.

Pre-paying for our meals allowed us to quit second guessing how much money to allocate each day for meals, no more researching restaurant prices. If your hungry teen wants to order a steak-go ahead-it's included. Two snack options was another amazing feature. There are generally quite a few options that fall under the snack credit including, cereal, fruit, yogurt, and of course a must on every Disney vacation-the extra large cinnamon roll! If you prefer a tasty coffee treat to start your day, head to any of the four parks to grab your favorite Starbucks beverage-it's also included!

The real question was always how to use the second snack option. This was a tough decision as there are so many different options available in each park and resort. In the Magic Kingdom, should you Dole Whip, spring roll, or waffle with Nutella and whipped cream? An even harder decision had to be made in Epcot-the bakery in Norway, the Patisserie in France or the La Gelateria in Italy? Lots of food carts abound throughout the World Showcase also vying for your snack credits. Luckily, your credits roll over each day, so, try to save a few extras for your Epcot visit.

Disney has promised us the return of the beloved dining plan. We do not have a start date, format, or pricing, but, we are definitely ready for the Magic to return! If you would like to add a dining plan to your existing reservation, make sure you let us know.

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