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  • Anne Spears

Fireworks Dessert Parties are AMAZING!

If you love desserts, and you love having the chance to have a reserved viewing area for the Disney Fireworks, then the new Dessert Parties are definitely a must do! There are two different ones coming to the Magic Kingdom on October 3rd that will offer an amazing view of the new Enchantment Fireworks. The less expensive one will include desserts and then a close up, reserved, but standing view of the fireworks. The other one is a bit more, but, you will have a reserved seat the entire time! For the few of you that don't care for desserts, fruit, and cheese plates are also available.

In Epcot there are two dining/dessert packages available that will include a reserved, seating area for the new Harmonious Fireworks Show. The one at the Rose and Crown will include a full meal, desserts, and alcoholic beverages. The one at Spice Road Table is a little bit less and will include small plates, desserts, and alcoholic beverages.

All of these options include food, beverages and alcohol, so, for just a little bit more you will also get a reserved viewing area for the new fireworks shows. This is definitely a win/win for me!

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