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Flight Delays?

Lately, flight delays and/or cancellations seem to be happening a bit more often than usual. Sometimes this might be weather related, mechanical issues, or even staff shortages. Although we hope this doesn't happen, it is definitely better to be prepared just in case!

If you have a connecting flight, you will need to carefully watch both legs of your flights. You can do this by signing up for text or email alerts for your flight, directly through your airline website, or by checking the status on In case you do see weather or other delays, make sure you make note of other flight options to your destination, this way if a delay is announced and you will miss your connecting flight, you can either approach the gate attendant and ask to be rebooked, rebook online yourself, or even call the airline directly. If there is no availability on the next flight, keep checking as other flights might be delayed as well. If you haven't left your departing airport, don't forget to check nearby cities for availability as well.

If you miss your connecting flight, the airline will either offer to rebook you into the nearest city and you can rent a car or have someone pick you up, or they will rebook you the next day. Although, airlines are not required to offer hotel and meal vouchers, if you ask nicely, they will often provide you with a nearby hotel and meal vouchers for each member in your travel party. Keep in mind that travel delays do happen, so always keep your medicine and a change of clothes handy in your carry-on bag.

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