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  • Anne Spears

How do Travel Agents save you money?

The best way to travel on a budget is to use a Travel Agent. Our services are always complimentary. We are paid by the vendors, and the price is included by them whether you book it or we book it. However. if you book it and a sale appears, the vendor won't contact you, but we will! So, by using a travel agent, you are saving time and money. We do the shopping and price comparisons for you. Once booked, we will continue to monitor your vacation and will update you if a discount has been released for your travel dates.

By using an agent you are also receiving our wealth of travel knowledge and travel experience to help you find the best trip that will make the most of your time and budget. Today's travel is complicated and constantly changing. You definitely can benefit from our insights and training. Too many travelers have missed flights, or been turned away at the airports because they lack the appropriate travel documents or health verifications. Travel agents constantly monitor travel regulations and will update you immediately if anything in your destination changes.

By nature, most travel agents love to travel and travel often! So, we have learned how to travel frugally. We know when to book the best flights, which add on's are necessary and which ones aren't. We know where the budget friendly hotels and restaurants are and we are happy to share this information with you. So, before you book your next vacation, reach out to one of us to help you plan and save money!

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