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  • Anne Spears

Saying Goodbye to Magical Express?

If you have travelled to Disney within the last fifteen years or so, you know that the Magic began as soon as you exited the airport and boarded Disney's Magical Express bus to your Walt Disney Resort. Disney introduced us to this service in 2005 and we quickly became addicted! Free roundtrip service to/from the airport to your resort, free luggage transfer, and Disney infomercials and videos to welcome you to the Magic or to ease your return back to reality. Unfortunately, we recently learned that this service will no longer be offered in 2022.

Fear not-we will not be left stranded at the airport! The company operating Magical Express all of these years, will happily step in under the new name of Mears Connect. Luxury motor coach service will continue to and from the Orlando International Airport and your Disney resort! In fact, Mears used to provide this service prior to becoming Magical Express. So, in effect, service has never ceased. At this time, pricing and booking details have not been released. Make sure that you sign up on the Mears website to receive operational updates.

Another alternative is to book private transportation through one of the many transfer services. Over the years we have had great experiences with Happy Limo, Park Avenue Limousine Service, and most recently, Tiffany Towncar. On our most recent trip, we decided to give Tiffany Towncar a try and we were very pleased! We were met in the airport by our driver, who then assisted us with our luggage before proceeding to his vehicle, parked curbside at the exit. Our reservation also included a free grocery stop. We definitely took advantage of this inclusion. By buying our Diet Cokes and snacks

at Publix instead of at the resort, we actually saved enough money to pay for this transfer!

In summary, we really aren't saying goodbye to Magical Express, we might have to pay a bit more, but the same friendly drivers and luxurious buses will be available under the new name of Mears Connect. And, if you would rather splurge on a private transfer that includes a free grocery stop, we highly recommend our new friends at Tiffany Towncar!

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