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The Best 50th Anniversary Celebration Ever!

There are so many things coming to Disney World this Fall! Imagineers have been quite busy getting ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the grand opening of the Walt Disney World Resort! On October 1st, the parks will sparkle with Earidescence Splendor, new rides, new restaurants, new merchandise, new parades, new shows, and new fireworks! Today, we learned that a new fireworks show will take place in the Magic Kingdom that will set Main Street aglow with enhanced lighting, stunning fireworks, and immersive projections that will extend from Cinderella's Castle down Main Street USA. A new character cavalcade called "Mickey's Celebration Cavalcade" will occur several times a day throughout the park. Adorable bronzed, interactive sculptures will will also be added to the park.

Epcot will debut the new Ratatouille Ride, the new La Creperie de Paris restaurant and the new Harmonious Fireworks show on 10/1 as well. The newly redone front entrance will also be ready by the first.

Animal Kingdom will debut the new daytime show called "Disney KiteTails" which will take place several times a day in the Discovery River Amphitheater beginning October 1st. Hollywood Studios will also add lots of sparkle to their existing attractions to join in this big celebration! Can't decide which park to attend on 10/1? Make sure to add the park hopper option to your tickets to check out the big celebration taking place in all four parks. If you are unable to attend the party, don't worry, Disney has promised to keep the celebration going through March of 2023! Message us soon for pricing and availability!

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